Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saucy heels from Ferretti

Saucy heels are the accessories of the year since they can be paired with any look - to amplify an already sexy outfit, or to add some spice to something quite conventional. We love these red Ferretti heels because of the HOT color, plus they're so light with a very walkable height! The shoes are done in felt fabric and also comes in black.

ferretti red

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  1. omfg! the red is so sizzling hot!! i wonder when can i get a taste of ferretti.. i still cannot find a size & design that's really suited for me.

  2. hi ferretti! is this design still available?

    btw, here is one post showing how I wear my ferretti beige lace-up clogs.



    thanks much! x

  3. HI Charles! Yes it is, in Glorietta 5. :)

  4. awww! would you know if this will be included in the sale items? how much is it selling for? thanks!

  5. eeepp! the geishcharles looked familiar?! haha. the "geishcharles" totally seems nostalgic. as if am looking at a different person, lol.